Al-Kafi, Volume 1 of 8 (Paperback, English Only)

Al-Kafi, Volume 1 of 8 (Paperback, English Only)
Publisher: The Islamic Seminary Inc.
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 0991430867
ISBN: 9780991430864
Al-Kafi, Volume 1 of 8 (Usul al-Kafi) - Compiled by Thiqatu al-Islam, Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Ya’qub al-Kulayni; English Translation by Shaykh Muhammad Sarwar. Al-Kafi - The first and foremost comprehensive book of Hadith of the Holy Prophet, with his Ahl al-Bayt as narrators, dealing with issues of theology and ethics, practical laws such as laws of taharat (cleanliness), laws of worship (prayer, zakat, fasting, hajj and jihad), laws of business, laws of family and social relations, and judicial laws.
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About the Book

With thanks and praise to Allah, the Islamic Seminary is pleased to present the second edition of the English translation of Al-Kafi, Volume 1 0f 8.

Al-Kafi is divided into three major sections totaling 8 volumes: ‘Usul (Volumes 1 & 2), Fru’ (Volumes 3 to 7) and al-Rawdah (Volume 8).

Volumes 1 & 2 consist of Ahadith on the principles of beliefs and are called ’Usul (principles) in al-Kafi.

Volume 1 consists of four parts:

The Book of Intelligence and Ignorance (Kitab al‑’Aql wa al‑Jahl)
The Book of the Excellence of Knowledge (Kitabu Fadl al-‘Ilm)
The Book on Oneness of Allah (Kitab al‑Tawhid)
The Book about the People who Possess Divine Authority (Kitab al‑Hujja)

We are currently working on an Arabic and English hardcover format, which will be available later this year, InshaAllah.


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