Quran AlMubin – For iOS

A Native iOS Application!IMG_0630SM

We are happy to present Quran AlMubin for iOS! Now you can enjoy the English translation of the Holy Quran by Muhammad Sarwar in a brand new interactive Quran application.

This complimentary application is made possible by Sajjad Foundation.

IMG_0631A Legendary Translation

Enjoy the legendary translation of Muhammad Sarwar,  with side-by-side Arabic text.

“Shaykh Muhammad Sarwar’s English translation of the Holy Quran is simply the best I’ve ever read! He uses a very modern and more familiar style of English that is unmatched by other Arabic to English translators…” (B&N reviewer)

Amazing FeaturesIMG_0633

This first Version of Quran alMubin comes with helpful tools to maximize your experience.  Need to find a particular word or part of the Quran? Use the search feature and view all results. Know the Arabic spelling? You can also switch over to the Arabic keyboard and search in Arabic! Other great features include bookmarking, sharing, and a chapter as well as verse selector menu.

IMG_0634A Renowned Qari

With more recitations on the way, Version 1.0 includes the melodious recitation of Mishary Rashid Alafasy.

Get the most out of your listening experience with the helpful audio settings menu, where you can control options such as range, repetition and intervals.  

These tools are commonly used in memorization exercises.


 A Custom Experience

Customize your app experience to the max using the settings menu, where you can adjust font size, show or hide the translation, manage audio file download for offline use, and view app information.

So what are you waiting for? Get your complimentary download of Quran AlMubin for IOS today!